AM UK ch Gazon what you see is what yo get with drishaun "remy"

Bath Championship Show 28.5.12  - 1st Open Dog RCC

AM UK ch Gazon it ain't about you drishaun "iris"

Manchester Championship Show 19.1.12 - 1st Open Bitch RCC

WELKS Championship Show 28.4.12 - 1st Open Bitch

Sumahari Carolina Cherry By Drishaun "Cherry"

     Western Afghan Hound Society Open Show 8.1.12 - Best Puppy In Show

Northern Afghan Hound Society Open Show 15.1.12 - Best Puppy Bitch RBPIS

Manchester Championship Show 19.1.12 - Best Puppy Bitch

Birmingham Afghan Hound Society Open Show 28.1.12 - Best Puppy Bitch RBPIS

Newark and DCS Open Show 4.2.12 -Best AVNSC Puppy, Best AVNSC Adult, Hound Group 2, Puppy Hound Group 1

Accrington And DCS Open Show 6.4.12 - Best Puppy, Puppy Hound Group 1 RBPIS

Humberside Hound Open Show 21.4.12 - Best Of Breed

Windsor Championship Show 30.6.12 - 1st Special Yearling

Cherry Flies Out To Gazon Kennels USA!

Agathon KC Show - 1st & Winners Bitch 2

Javidan All In The Name Of Drishaun "Leon"

Birmingham National Championship Show 13.5.12 - Best Puppy In Breed